The project aimed to approach the answers to some essential issues related to the NW Portuguese seaports from Caminha to Aveiro:

     - in what way the geo-morphological conditions interfere with the potentialities of each seaport;
     - in what way the crown and local entities and politics interfere with the construction of particular seaports and sea
     - in what way the technologic advances in Europe projected themselves in Northwest Portugal, through engineers
     - how the several seaports of these historical and geographical territories were articulated with each other and in what
     way were they part of a larger system - regional, national, European and intercontinental.

Based on these points of view, the team developed a research project in which the following aspects were central to the research plan carried out:

     - The geo-morphological features and their interaction with historical dynamics;
     - The implantation and subsequent changes in sea ports infrastructures
     - The articulation between these port areas and the hinterland and vorland;
     - The application of technological innovations, associated with hydraulic engineering;
     - The production of scientific knowledge of the territory (cartography, topography, hydrologic plans, …)