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Among the members of the Mind, Language and Action Group (MLAG) are teachers of Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Mind at Faculdade de Letras (FLUP) and graduate students doing work in those fields (both in Portugal and abroad).

We are currently developing work on the Belief-desire model of action; the Nature of intention (e.g. are intentions specific mental states?); Cognitivism and motivation to act; Rational-choice theory, its application in economics – a philosophical critique; What is an irrational action?; The nature of justification; Philosophical theories of rationality; Theories of mind; Theories of emotion; Introspection and communication; Self-knowledge, self-beliefs; Theoretical and practical rationality (Kant, Wittgenstein); history and philosophy of logic

MLAG is the group within GFMC (Gabinete de Filosofia Moderna e Contemporānea, FCT R&D Unit 502) through which Philosophy will contribute to Porto University Center for Cognitive Science. We have participated in the workshop Cognitive Sciences at the University of Porto: challenges and future needs (MLAG leaflet)

email: mlag@letras.up.pt