Relational Forms III
Imagining Europe: Wars, Territories, Identities
Representations in Literature and the Arts
19-20 November 2015
an international conference hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
University of Porto, Portugal

This conference is directly prompted by a commemoration: the bicentennial of the battle of Waterloo. It is a commonplace to state that the events of June 1815 proved a watershed in European history, redrawing the map of the continent and much of what came in its wake. We want to consider this, however, alongside other instances of conflict that have proved momentous in European history, including other 'fifteens' prior to Waterloo – e.g. Agincourt and Ceuta (1415), the 1st Jacobite rising (1715); and, crucially, the conference will focus on the imaginative consequences of such events, especially in literature and the arts.

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Relational Forms III  is hosted by the
Department of Anglo-American Studies
(Faculdade de Letras, Universidade do Porto) and
CETAPS – Centre for English,
Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies

Relational Forms III
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